Beekeeping Academy


Prerequisite: Beginning Beekeeping. Designed and presented by Jim Duever, President of the Boone Regional Beekeepers Association, and Valerie Duever, past President of the Missouri State Beekeepers Association, this advanced course is for those serious in keeping managed honey bees. Mentor-led, hands-on sessions are available to help beekeepers experience what is needed to properly care for their bees in a temporary, centrally-located outdoor apiary nursery. 

Class will meet a total of 10 sessions. First session will be a one-hour orientation, then the class will meet twice a month during May, June, July, and August for approximately two hours each and will be held on Wednesday evenings (6:00 pm to 8:00 pm) or Sunday afternoons (12:00 to 2:00 pm). The last (10th) session will be a one-hour wrap up of the academy program. Dates could vary, depending on weather conditions. Scheduled listing of planned dates will be distributed at the orientation meeting. 

Hands-in-the-hive demonstrations will be performed to show how to introduce bees to the hive, how inspect a hive, how to check and control pests, how to do a split, when to add supplemental feeding, how to introduce bees into a new hive, and how to properly move a hive. Students will be encouraged to perform maintenance duties during class time and a mentor will be available to answer any questions.

Students interested in participating in this course are highly encouraged to have completed a beginning beekeeping class before enrollment. Students are expected to know and understand honey bee basics in biology, communication and behavior so the focus of this course is direct, first-year based, "sticky-hands" hive management. 

Langstroth hives and bees will be provided for use during this class. Safety equipment is not provided and is required for participation and maximum benefit.

Fee includes the Bee Academy for ONE individual.  If a “bee buddy” such as a spouse, co-worker or friend would like to share in this experience, they are required to enroll. Special pricing option for couples who would like to enroll is $379 a couple. If you and a “bee buddy” would like to enroll together, please call 573-214-3803 for this special pricing. (10 Sessions)

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Columbia Area Career Center
Rm 178
Duever 5/15 - 5/15 We 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM $199.00 View 10