2018-2019 Surgical Technology Application


Accompanying Forms:
Letter of Intent Form
Recommendation Form 

Thank you for your interest in Columbia Public Schools’ Surgical Technology program.

This is the online version of the application for admission to the program. The first step in the application process is to submit your completed application form. The next step is to schedule your general aptitude exam and pay a non-refundable $75 application/exam fee.  Please contact the administrative assistant at (573) 214-3772 to schedule your exam. The exam is administered at the Columbia Area Career Center. You will need to allow four hours for testing. Exam dates are limited, so plan accordingly.


When we have received your application, test score, three (3) letters of reference, and a high school transcript or GED score, you will be scheduled for the Admissions Committee interview. This committee will select students based on a point system assigned to certain aspects of the application process. No one will be allowed an interview with the committee without a completed file. It is your responsibility to check with the office to make sure we have received all necessary information.


The Surgical Technology and Financial Aid offices are located at the Columbia Area Career Center, 4203 South Providence Rd., Columbia, MO. 65203. All applicants need to contact the Financial Aid office even if they do not plan to utilize financial aid, (573) 214-3809. The financial planning process can be lengthy and the goal is to find funding for all interested and qualified students. Prior to the first day of class, a deposit of $2,500 will be required. All tuition and fee payments are made through the Financial Aid office.

Letter of Intent

Recommendation Form


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